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In his Book, “The World’s Greatest Secret” Earl Nightengale taught, “Those with Goals Succeed, and those without Goals Fail.”

Everyone needs goals in their lives. The sad fact is more people spend more time planning their annual summer vacations then they spend on planning for their retirement years. For some I think it is because it can seem overwhelming and even impossible.

If you focus on all the negative news out there, it can even seem like there is no point in planning. The other problem is some people make Goal Setting too complicated. If you don’t track every penny you make or spend today, why should your retirement plan demand that? But, the fact is, we need to create some form of a road map for your journey in life. This requires Goals.

To begin, we factor in known options available today, and plan how we can implement them to achieve your goals. The fact is no one knows the future. Remember back to the high inflation days of the late 70’s. Did those rates continue forever, No! Remember the lost decade ? Did that last forever, No! Remember the low interest rates of the past 10 years, well those are changing too. The key to successful Retirement Planning, is to remain flexible, while still keeping an eye on your ultimate goals.

As with any trip, you must plan for the unexpected, which may never happen. That is where various types of insurance can play a part. The fact is most people are not 100% insured for everything bad that can happen to you, and that’s ok with most people. We find the best combination for each individual household.

And then we monitor your trip, make adjustments as life happens, and life will happen no matter how well you plan. Alan’s family once took a trip to Vail Colorado when the kids were young, and the car broke down in Mesquite Nevada-before the Casinos, (there was nothing, and I mean nothing there).  Did they arrive at their planned hour, no, but they were able to finally make it to Vail, and had a great time. So something bad did happen, and at first it looked like their vacation was over, but in the end, all was well.