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Our Values

We would both say the greatest things our Father ever taught us, were always taught by the example of how he lived his life. He was always a husband and a father first, business came next. He was very active in his church and served in many leadership positions throughout his life. He believed there was more to who we are than just this life, and for that reason, he taught us it was important to be honest and true in all your dealings with other people.

He taught us if we focused on the needs of our clients, we would always have enough money to provide for our families. We many never become rich, but we would always have enough. We never saw him cheat, or lie ever in the office or at home or elsewhere. Even while dealing with the IRS and other government agencies, while fighting for his clients rights, he never resorted to lying or cheating.

We have carried these traditions forward with us. The focus is on helping the clients first, and so far it has worked out very well for us. Our clients are not just names on a roster, but most of them have become our extended family and friends. As they share their dreams and wishes, we share ours with them also. For example, when Keith’s daughter was on a mission to Mongolia, Keith would share with his clients, how she was doing and different aspects of her mission.

While we have access to many tools and analytics, just like the big firms. When you work with Kerby Financial Services, you won’t feel like you’re working with Wall Street, but more like you’ve gone back in time when you knew everyone you worked with.