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Our History

Our Father began what would become Kerby Financial Services in April 1975. When Alan returned home from his mission in May 1977 he began working with his Father. At that time it was a bookkeeping and Tax office. Our Father had by that time become an Enrolled Agent, (someone who is licensed to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service). Later he and Alan became securities licensed and became Certified Financial Planners.

When Keith returned home from his mission in 1979, he also joined the family practice. Together we continued what our Father had begun. Alan and our father worked both in bookkeeping, taxes and investments, while Keith focused on the bookkeeping and tax side of the business.

In early 1990 Alan left Kerby Financial Services to focus more on the investment area. He worked with both National and individual firms. He also spent several years running a small family business for a former client.

In late 1995 he joined what would become Mission Hills Financial, and was a partner in the firm. With his tax background he brought a new level of service to the existing clientele.

With our Father retiring in 2001, Keith joined the team at Mission Hills Financial. In late 2004 Alan and Keith left Mission Hills and reopened Kerby Financial Services, where they could focus more on the needs of the clients and not the needs of the Firm. They began their firm with the assistance of the Office Manager at Mission Hills Financial, Andra Carpenter.

In 2013 for personal reasons, Andra needed to make some changes and she left the brothers.

2013 was also eventful because, Alan and Keith were able to become owners in the new Broker Dealer TCFG Wealth Management, a Rep owned firm.

Thru the years, Alan and Keith have never forgotten the values their Father taught them, both in the office and in the home.