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Almost every retirement plan will need to use investments, a few lucky folks have really nice pensions, but for the rest of us, we need to rely on our own savings. Today’s investment options are not the same ones your parents had. Just in the past 15 years or so, new investment options have become available to the non wealthy investor. However, the 2 main investment risk have not changed in the past 60 years. Greed and Fear. If you think you can earn more than anyone else, you will probably end up disappointed. And if you follow the rest of the sheep when they panic, you will also get hurt. With the later, we need to follow the example of successful people. Warren Buffet once said, “ I am an accommodater. When people want to buy (over pay) I am willing to sell it to them. When People want to sell (panic) I am willing to buy.”

We use many tools in our effort to earn the highest potential reasonable return, with a given level of risk. We  have access to some very powerful investment options. But these are not get rich quick schemes or 20% annual returns year after year. They are sound financial models which have stood the test of time. As both a CFP and the values our Father taught us, I will not take undue risk with a client’s future.